Signs Of Poor Health In Dogs

If you are a dog owner, it pays to be aware of the tell tale signs that they are sick, and may need to go to the vet. If your dog appears to have a constant discharge, he may have a case of nasal congestion, and your dog may even be suffering from pneumonia if you notice a thick discharge.All dogs vomit occasionally and you don’t need to be too worried if that happens. However, you should be concerned if your dog is vomiting frequently, and always keep an eye on how much your dog is eating.

If your dog seems to be itching and scratching a lot, take a close look at the skin by carefully separating the hair. If you see any lice or ticks, you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

If your dog passes a loose stool often you should be concerned that there might be something seriously wrong, such as a bowel disorder, although passing a loose stool every once in a while is no cause for concern. You should be concerned if your dog goes several days without passing a stool.

Your dog may have health issues if he doesn’t appear to be walking normally; for example he may have lesions on his feet if he is limping. If you have an older dog that isn’t walking as often as he used to, or for as long, then this may also be a sign of an illness or health issue.

Your dog’s eyes can also be an indication of serious health issues; paler eyes may mean your dog is anemic, and he may have another disease of the eyes if they appear white. A sure sign of rabies is if your dog attacks and bites other people, or his owner and this should be addressed immediately.

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